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Blackfast manufactures Specialist Metal Blacking Chemicals and Systems. Supplying the engineering, manufacturing and automotive industries both across the UK and Worldwide.

What is Blackfast

The Blackfast Process is a safe room temperature surface conversion process. Converting the surface of the metal black without dimensional change. Thus enhancing both appearance as well as tested corrosion resistance.

Easy To Do

The Room temperature process is essentially non-hazardous and is both safe, quick and easy to use. The Blackfast System incorporates a 7-stage dipping process that has been designed to be operated by yourself giving you greater flexibility and In- House Quality Control.

Can I see the process before buying?

Absolutely Yes! If you are based in the UK. We can arrange for you an on-site demonstration showing the process in action using your own components. Or should you prefer, we can book you an appointment to visit our demo facility here in Surrey.

Blacking Experts

If you work in engineering, manufacturing or the automobile industry, you’ll likely come into contact with small metal parts and components regularly. Often, companies need to change the colour of metal items to black to reduce glare in hazardous workplaces, and others wish to blacken their products to make them more appealing to customers.

At Blackfast, we provide businesses in Surrey and beyond with chemical-based blacking solutions, which are more cost-effective and versatile than plating and painting in many situations.

Metal Blacking

Chemical blacking is simple, fast and inexpensive

Do your own in-house blacking? Blackfast provide both chemicals and complete systems for room temperature iron & steel blacking.


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We are here to help. Please contact us should you require more information or would like to book a demonstration. Telephone 020 8339 7370.

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